This Is Why You Don't Want Your Roof to Have Leaks


Your roof can be a source of leaks. Whether you own a house, apartment complex, office building, or something else, you may know that the leak can cause a lot of damage in your home. Leaks are more than annoying. They are dangerous and eventually lead to mold and structural damage. These are some of the common problems your roof could face.

Mold Can Grow

One of the worst things that can happen to your roof is that the leak allows water to soak into the interior of your home. This can happen quite quickly, and the perfect conditions can allow mold to grow. These perfect conditions include a source of food, moisture, and heat. Mold is dangerous because it can feed on so many different things. Its sources of food include drywall and carpet, meaning it can grow in so many places you do not expect.

Your Home Can Be Structurally Damaged

The wood of your roof can also begin rotting if you have a leak. Rotting can also give way for larger leaks to develop in your roof, which means more water works its way into your home. You may notice right away, but in some cases, the damage can be covert. Rotting results when mold and moisture soak into the support beams of your roof, which is dangerous for the entire structure of your home. You could have a roof that begins to sag or even issues that damage the frame of your home. Water can even work its way into your home's foundation and cause problems.

Your Home's Insulation May Be Damaged

If the insulation of your home becomes damaged, you can face serious leaks and other issues. Insulation is meant to keep heat in or out, and insulation that is exposed to a lot of moisture can become ruined, leaving you with little protection and efficiency. It can also increase the weight in your attic, which can be structurally dangerous. This is one reason why roof inspections are so important. An inspector will look at your roof to examine potential damage to the insulation that could indicate water leaks.

Contact a Roof Repair Professional

A roof repair professional can help you through the process of taking care of roof leaks and ensuring that there is no damage caused by a leak. You benefit from speaking with a roofing pro who can also protect your roof from future leaks as well.


21 September 2020

A Good Roof Over Your Head

People talk about the importance of having a roof over your head. Surely, any roof is better than no roof at all, but ideally, you do want a good roof over your head. What makes for a good roof? Well, it should not leak. It should be in good, stable condition so that it does not blow away, and it should also complement your home's appearance. If your roof is lacking in any of these characteristics, then it is time to get in touch with a roofer. It may also be time to read the articles on this blog and learn more about roofers.